List of published works

“Red Tide at the Finca” in The Future Fire #49

“An Automatic Cajachina” in Liminality #19

“The Mandrill’s Smile” in Flapperhouse #20

“Red Bird” in The Operating System

“Cagastrophe in Steerage” in Strange Horizons

“The Guaxi” in Leopardskin & Limes

“The Terraformer’s Swan Song” in Big Echo #8

“An Ibis in the Bronx” in Entropy

“Cradle Song” in Danse Macabre du Jour

“Kenning, FLA” and “The Sky Is Going to Be Gold Tonight” in FIVE:2:ONE #19

“Shrovetide” in The Airgonaut

“Czar Thumbsky” in Fantastic Floridas

“Pentecost” in The Airgonaut

“The Relic-Mongers” in Bewildering Stories #722

“Starry Night of the Soul” in Big Echo #4

“How the Memory Mechanics” in Gone Lawn #24

“A Cat Maybe, or Breaking,” “Shenandoah,” and “The Rats Are Ready” in Flapperhouse #13

“Dying in Miami in the Sun” in Big Echo #1

“Holy Many-Minds Home” in The Future Fire #36

“Lady Zubaida’s Maid” in Jersey Devil Press #75

“Pwyll López” and “Wellspring” in Acentos Review

“Cachumbambé” in Axolotl #7

“Ewart” in Flapperhouse #7

“Yoel the Chickenkeeper” in Jersey Devil Press #69

“Herminia” in theEEEL

“Constellation” in Acentos Review

“Construction 101” in theEEEL

“Awuelo” in Jai-Alai Magazine #4

“Barbicide” in Mangrove #1

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